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ABOUT OCCUpational therapy

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Baby PictureOccupational Therapy (OT) focuses on improving or maintaining people’s function and assisting people to reach their potential. Sarah and Bethany work with both children and adults with an array of difficulties or disabilities.


Occupational Therapy for Children:
OTs focus on children having difficulties with:

General Development
An Occupational Therapist can assess if your child is meeting age appropriate milestones, from infancy through to school years. These milestones include everything from rolling, sitting, crawling and feeding, to independent toileting and dressing.


Fine Motor Skills
Fine motor skills allow us to accurately make the small, precise movements that we need to complete and achieve daily tasks. Examples of such tasks include handwriting, manipulating buttons and zips, and picking up small objects. An OT can assess to see if your child's fine motor skills are developing to an age expected level.


Gross Motor Skills/Coordination
Gross motor skills allow us to make well-timed and coordinated movements, using the large muscles of the body. Examples of tasks that require our gross motor skills include hopping, skipping, jumping, running, climbing, throwing and catching a ball.

Self Care Tasks
Self-care tasks are daily activities that take care of our bodies. Examples of self-care tasks include sleeping, eating, dressing and toilet habits. Building independence in these areas is an important part of childhood development.


Play skills
Children learn about their world and develop new skills through play. Ensuring children have appropriate play skills for their age is a key part of supporting healthy development. Examples of play skills include interacting with others, sharing, turn taking, pretend play and following basic rules.


Attention and Concentration
We can assist to improve your child’s attention and concentration and any other sensory processing difficulties they may be having. These may include adversities to noises, certain foods, spinning or touch. If a child is found to be performing below that expected of their age, or is having difficulty in any of the above tasks we will devise a treatment plan. This may include one on one therapy, a home program, a school program and/or group therapy with peers of a similar age.


Sensory Processing Difficulties

Sensations give us information about our environment and our relation to it, for example; if we feel too hot or cold, how things taste, smell or feel, if we are balanced or about to fall over. Sensory information helps us to identify what we need to do to feel “just right”. Sensory processing disorders occur when the body is more or less sensitive to sensations than usual; for example, there may be adversities to touch, loud sounds, certain foods or spinning movements. Sensory processing disorders can cause a number of difficulties including emotional and behavioural issues, lack of coordination, and difficulty completing fine motor tasks such as handwriting and dressing. An Occupational Therapist can assist your child in utilising sensory strategies to overcome these sensitivities and achieve their full potential.

At Total Health, inclusive play-based therapy is available for children with a diverse range of abilities and disabilities, including Autism Spectrum Disorder, Cerebral Palsy, Developmental Delays, Learning Difficulties, Sensory Processing Disorder and difficulties in any of the above-mentioned areas. Our practice is centred around meeting the needs of both the child and their families, with music and play-based therapy utilised to ensure that the therapy experience is enjoyable.

During your first visit to Total Health, a comprehensive medical history and thorough Developmental Assessment will be conducted, to allow us to tailor therapy to your child’s specific needs. Because of this, we ask that you allow one hour for your first visit.


See our Links below for more information and useful resources for children.


Occupational Therapy for young adults and adolescents:
Our team of OT’s can assist you to establish goals to assist you to best meet your potential. These may include:


Activities of Daily Living
Our OT’s will work with you to focus on your priorities and establish some clear goals. These may include building skills and practical strategies to assist with establishing routines, dressing, toileting, showering, general hygiene, preparing meals, cleaning, shopping assistance and managing money.


Pain Relief and Mood
A combination of techniques are used to decrease pain, increase energy and motivation and in turn improve mood and affect. This can range from sports injuries, to people with hypermobility, contractures or loss of sensation.


Occupational Therapy for Adults:
OTs focus on people having difficulties with:


Activities of Daily Living
These include showering, eating, dressing, toileting. We can provide assessments and more importantly therapy and suggestions that may improve independence and function when completing these tasks. This may involve recommendations of equipment or alternative ways to complete tasks.

We are able to provide advice and therapy before and after surgery to ensure you return to your optimum independence and function following an operation.


Chronic Disease/Disability
We can provide education, support and therapy for people experiencing difficulties surrounding an array of disease’s or disabilities.


Home Safety Assessments
We can conduct a home safety assessment to work with you to ensure that you are able to remain as independent as possible in your own home. This may include safeguarding you from falls, recommending relevant equipment and providing basic exercise programs and education surrounding how to remain as active and healthy as possible in your own home. This may include basic home modifications.


Your OT will conduct a comprehensive medical history on your first appointment and discuss your priorities with you. Your first appointment will take approximately one hour. We will provide a range of services depending on your need including therapy, support, education, and home visits when needed.


We are always happy to liaise with any other health professionals or caregivers as your wellbeing is always our main priority.




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