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Sanakey for use at home, Physiokey for Health Practitioners and attachments.

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Product TrainingSarah is a certified Key Therapy trainer for all professional & home devices.

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Sarah's Story  |  Patient Testimonials


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Chronic Fatigue

In 2003 I was suffering with Chronic Fatigue. I was sleeping twenty hours a day and no matter what I tried I could not complete the most basic activities.  I had been to many General Practitioners and specialists in the field. Unfortunately I was told all I could do was sleep. I decided I was willing to try anything. With no energy to do anything I enjoyed, I was also becoming depressed.


I was lucky enough to find out about SCENAR therapy. After a small course of treatments, and daily use in the multilayer treatment blanket I was amazed at the results. I was able to return to my studies, and most importantly enjoy life again. I had overcome Chronic Fatigue in a matter of weeks. This alone was enough motivation for me to begin my studies in SCENAR therapy. I commenced using a home device, only to find I was ready to treat more people and combat the most complex issues. 


Years later, I am assisting so many people with an array of difficulties to achieve their optimum, and full of energy, I have never looked back.

Sarah Davis (Nee Cutler)




I have been to Sarah for many years for various reasons.
She doesn't just treat one condition… she cares for every need you have, in such a genuine caring way….with exciting new and improved methods all the time!!!
Her treatment has been of major benefit to my physical, emotional and mental wellbeing… throughout different stages of my life :-)
Thank you Sarah!



Fertility & back issues

Sarah has been so helpful from day one. After a few treatments I was able to fall pregnant and over time help resolve my back issues. I would recommend SCENAR treatment to anyone!! Thanks Sarah for all your help.

Daniella Lukanovic



Good news! There is help for long-term chronic illness! I have suffered from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for many years but am now experiencing encouraging improvement greatly aided by SCENAR Treatment at Total Health. SCENAR is a non-invasive, easy treatment to undergo.

Sarah is not only an experienced practitioner but also an Occupational Therapist. This gives her a broader, more holistic approach to her patients. I have found Sarah to be very helpful and her treatment including SCENAR to be very beneficial. This has made a wonderful difference to my health.



20 years of Back Pain

I have suffered from chronic back pain for the past 20 years and have been told over this time that there is nothing that conventional medicine has to offer for my condition. On occasions when it is really bad I have difficulty even standing straight and suffer from severe pains in my back, neck, arms and legs.


During one of these events it was recommended that I visit Sarah. After treatment I received immediate relief and went from a near cripple to being able to stand and walk in a near normal position. Within 48 hours the acute problem appeared to have disappeared. I can honestly recommend treatment by Sarah for relief of back problems resulting in muscle spasm.

Jim Swift – Molong


Post Operative Recovery

I recently had an operation on my knee and had a tendon cut in my thigh. Following this surgery I have been seeing Sarah Cutler for a course of SCENAR and I also purchased a home device through Sarah.


These things combined, I have amazed not only myself, but my surgeon. The rate of my recovery has been fantastic. I am pain free and back to completing much more than I was prior to my operation. I can't recommend SCENAR enough. Thankyou.

Jenny Savage


Chronic Pain

I cannot believe the relief from chronic pain I am now experiencing since starting a course of treatment with Sarah Cutler using SCENAR. Truly amazing! My quality of life has improved so much I have now been able to reduce my need for strong medication at night.

Jenny Hubbard


Fractured Ankle

I'm a 14 year old who discovered SCENAR after fracturing my ankle playing netball. My aunty suggested SCENAR and thought it was worth a go as i was in a fair bit of pain and the movement in my foot wasn't too good.


After my first SCENAR appointment with Sarah i was able to walk down the stairs straight after my appointment with only a little limp. I was also finally able to put a shoe on a day after my first treatment.


I have currently had 4 SCENAR sessions with Sarah and I'm walking normally and the movement in my foot is almost at it's potential. I would suggest the SCENAR treatment to anyone who was in my position and believe that most of my progress was due to my appointments with Sarah.
Thankyou Sarah!!
Tori Brown


No More Drugs

In 2004 I sustained a neck injury and then 12months later my neck and lower back region became more painful. During this time I was lucky to get out of bed for about three months. The pain was excruciating. I was on Morphine and that was not helping, therefore my dosage was doubled.

I was able to start a Tafe course and just able to cope with attending one night a week. My pain would not settle. My muscles in my neck, arms, back, and legs were in spasm. 
I tried remedial massage, which helped control it until my next massage. My relief was only temporary.

I then tried SCENAR therapy and in about 6 sessions all my muscles were settling down. I have been able to stop all of my medication and my pain level is now much more controllable. 

Trevor Williams


Shoulder Pain

I was experiencing severe pain after shoulder repair surgery but have had great relief from SCENAR Therapy.

Gordon T Chrystall