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ProductsAuthorised reseller of Key Therapy products including...
Sanakey for use at home, Physiokey for Health Practitioners and attachments.

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Sarah SCENAR Therapist and TrainerSarah was one of the first SCENAR therapists to be trained in Australia. Sarah has been a qualified SCENAR therapist since 2002. Since this time, Sarah has furthered her training and also become qualified as a Key Therapist. Sarah combines this knowledge with her experience as an Occupational Therapist to offer a high level of training suitable for health professionals, and those without a medical background.


Due to it's effectiveness, Sarah now focuses her training on Key Therapy. Key Therapy is recommended to practitioners with an allied health or medical background. It is one of the newest Non-Invasive Neurostimulation devices on the market and produces amazing results. If you are in a profession that is focused on decreasing your clients pain, increasing range of movement and function, then Key Therapy is a fantastic addition to your clinic.


Key Therapy is an advance biofeedback device that is able to offer fast and long lasting pain relief. It works to put your body in a position to heal itself by working with the body. For those of you that are familiar with a TENS machine, Key Therapy will continue to amaze you with what it is capable of. Although the sensation of the device is very similar, the signal from a Key Device is a lot more complex and therefore the body does not adjust to the input and continues to heal faster and more effectively.


Please visit the products page to view the PhysioKey (Professional Device) and relevant attachments.



Sanakey Home DeviceThe home device (Sanakey) is a small device perfect for family use. It enables you to manage your pain from the comfort of your own home. The Sanakey is simple to use and also makes a great first aid device.


The home device comes with 12month FREE online training. In addition, when you purchase your device you will receive FREE support from Sarah, answering any questions and providing any technical support required.


Sarah also offers half day seminars to assist you to get the most out of your device. Please contact Sarah for training dates or with any questions in relation to the home device.


See our PRODUCTS page for more info.


Physiokey Professional DevicePROFESSIONAL DEVICE

The professional device (Physiokey) takes therapy to a whole new level. If you have an existing clinic and are looking for something to assist your patients even more, Physiokey is your answer. Physiokey is the perfect adjunct to therapy, offering fast, effective pain relief, it assists to restores the body's function and can therefore assist with long lasting pain relief, increases in range of movement, improved circulation and much more. The Physiokey does not diagnose, however it is able to offer the therapist information about where the body requires treatment. This means it is perfect used in conjunction with other therapies or as a standalone therapy.


Sarah can offer assistance to help you ascertain which device is most suitable for you. Once you purchase your professional device, you will have access to comprehensive online training. In addition, Sarah offers full day seminars at a basic and advanced level to assist you to get the most out of your device. Sarah offers training in a range of locations. Please contact Sarah to find out when there is training near you.

See our PRODUCTS page for more information on Physiokey and relevant attachments.




Scenar Group Training

"In 2015 I attended Level 1 and Level 2 training led by Sarah, totaling 6 full days of training. Sarah was always highly organised, and all aspects of training were of a very high standard, from refreshments and food, to visual aids and training materials. Sarah is extremely knowledgeable about SCENAR, and has a wealth of experience to draw upon to make the training very practical. I would highly recommend her as a SCENAR trainer... One word sums it up really – EXCELLENT."


Annette Gardiner-Wynn
Living Well Therapies